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Tiere in Swahili lernen

If you're traveling to Africa and want to impress your safari guide, you might want to learn animals in Swahili. This popular language is the official language of East Africa, including Tanzania, Kenya, and Rwanda. More than 120 million people speak Swahili, making it a great choice for vacationing in the region. Here are some of the most common Swahili animal names. You may even want to consider learning the names of your favorite safari animals to make your trip extra special.

A good place to begin your Swahili vocabulary is with animals. Giraffes, zebras, and elephants are all part of the Big Cat family. There are only four species of big cats, and all of them are native to Africa. You may also want to learn the names of other animals. In Swahili, a giraffe is called twiga, while a cheetah is called a ndlulamithi. Another interesting animal to learn is the cheetah, which is called lihlosi in Venda and duma in Siswati.

If you want to learn animals in Swahili, start by learning about the giraffe. In Swahili, a giraffe is called a twiga. In Zulu, a cheetah is a ndlulamithi. In Siswati, a cheetah has the name duma. These names will help you make your safari experience a memorable one.